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Works in Progress

July 16, 2013
Evelina in LA

Evelina in LA

Phil working on the Wedding Celebration

Phil working on the Wedding Celebration

Working on two pieces right now: (1) Evelina in LA and (2)the Wedding Celebration. The first is a collaboration with Evelina Galli, Alice Poghosian, Anastasia Nelson and myself; the second is a collaboration with painter Maria Onyegbule, photographer Natalia Maks, painter Anastasia Nelson and myself. Works in progress.


Camel Taking on Personality

April 23, 2013

Texting in Egypt

Texting in Egypt

You can see the progression in this painting (over the last seven weeks now). The camel is really taking on some personality. This painting is in collaboration with photographer Natalia Maks; and both Anastasia Nelson and myself are doing the painting.

Collaboration! Collaboration!

February 4, 2013

Our Happy Hot Chocolate Cow

Woke up especially happy today – and with my military-related PTSD, that’s not a given, believe me. Why feeling so good? Collaboration! I love working with other people and now I’m working with two of you, photographer Natalia Maks…as well as with photographer and painter, Ana Nelson. It feels good to be working with others and the collective energy in that process.
(Above) Our “hot chocolate cow” painted with Ana Nelson from her photo. (On Sundays we join with the Mexican farmhands at the barn and fill our cups with chocolate and cinnamon and Cow 223 is milked directly into the cup…warm hot chocolate! (Below) Ana and I working on pieces from our series, “Barnyard Animals”. And the bottom picture – Nugoro, our Mediterranean Donkey – a very happy guy!
I’ll be working with Natalia Maks on a series called “Art & Electronica”. Can’t wait to see what develops!

Ana at work

Me at work…

First sale from our “Barnyard Animals” collaboration series

Our Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, Nugoro.