Festival de la Feijoa

Feijoa Festival in Rancho Tehama, California

The First Annual Rancho Tehama Festival de la Feijoa took place this last week. The week long festival included harvest, processing, food and drink creation, singing and dancing. Feijoa ice cream, feijoa-fizz drinks, feijoa and lime muffins, feijoa paste, feijoa-pomegranate tea, feijoa-pomegranate syrup, feijoa lemon-strawberry muffins, feijoa-pomegranate honey, and plenty of feijoa eating. Sadly, 95% of our crop is now down and processed….but we are already looking forward to next year!


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4 Responses to “Festival de la Feijoa”

  1. poppytump Says:

    Sounds like a bumper crop Phil and lots of fun to celebrate it all … I had to look up feijoa to see what it was 😉

  2. phildynan Says:

    It is a sort of rare and exotic fruit. When I’m in the UK, I’ve only found them in two places so far – a Natural Food store in Brighton and I can order them thru my grocer in St. John’s Wood(London) – but they come from Brazil and take weeks to arrive. It was a lot of fun having them in abundance here in California this year – we have 30 trees presently, though not all producing yet…and we have strawberry guavas (feijoa) as well as the more common pineapple guava(feijoa).

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  4. Tammy Says:

    This sounds like a blast. Hopefully ti will be possible next year!

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