Kitten Waiting in old Denia (Espana)

Kitten waiting for a sale in old Denia, Espana by Phil Dynan

“Se Vende”


Early morning in old Denia, I saw this little creature under a “For Sale” sign…waiting for the new owners? Gonna be a long wait little guy….

JLD – Alright  -A Sunny song by my little brother – I like the way it goes with the sunny warmth the kitten is enjoying…


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5 Responses to “Kitten Waiting in old Denia (Espana)”

  1. violetski Says:

    Love this work!

  2. Tina Schell Says:

    Love this shot!

  3. ideflex Says:

    Hard not to succumb – thanks for visiting!

  4. website Says:


  5. Opalla Says:

    Thanks for liking my blog on the lift bridge. You have a very interesting and artistic blog. I’ll be back, and do drop by again.

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