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June 18, 2010

Jazz Improv painting by Phil Dynan“No Music, No Life” is an expression that my friend, Lalo, reminded me is a far better bumper sticker than anything political. People respond in a very positive way to this expression. Even the nasty geezers in the Tea Party.

Music is a vital part of my creativity and art. While I like most music, I prefer music that speaks to me. And I like to be spoken to in a way that I consider REAL. I like lyrics that surprise me, that are in a language I understand and respect and that force me to look at things from a different angle.

My tastes have changed over the years, but right now I like the original music of  Jennifer O’Connor, the Arctic Monkeys, Frightened Rabbit, Bell X1, the Weakerthans, Colin Meloy, Little Man Tate, the Mountain Goats and Spoon.

When Bell X1 sings (in Rocky Takes a Lover) “That’s a wonderful way to wake me….but you weren’t so nice last night…you’re such an asshole when you’re drunk…” I relate to their language and experience. I know what they are talking about, but they make me smile and think….and then they add “if there was a god, why is my ass the perfect height for kicking?”  and my mind changes gears again. I laugh out loud. New neural patterns forged in my head and more creativity. And that is just a very simple and small example of  how music affects my art.

The piece pictured here is a 4 foot square acrylic on canvas, entitled “Jazz Improv”. It was specifically inspired by two people – two musicians: Joseph, an improv jazz pianist; and Sara, a musician who uses her voice like an instrument. I love there two people, if you can’t tell. And I love their music. And they inspired me to paint this pretty piece.

Joseph is found in the piano keys, of course. Sara is found in the Calla Lilies at the bottom of the painting. The hearts signify my love for these two. I’ve loved them both from the moment they arrived on Earth.

That’s it – Music and Art.

No Music. No Life… Lalo says……