Serigraphy and MFAs

Recently I was the company of people who had “studied art history”,  some claimed to have MFA’s, and some were art collectors.  

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Serigraph by Phil Dynan

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Serigraph by Phil Dynan

It is always interesting for me to be around people with “art educations”. There is so much to learn and it is comforting to converse with people who appreciate the life I have chosen as an artist.

But I found it a little  disturbing on this recent occasion to come across at least three people who were stumped when I told them I’d worked in “serigraphy” for about 25 years, in addition to painting in oils and acrylics. “What is Serigraphy?” is a question I’d expect from the UPS delivery guy – not someone who has studied art history or has an MFA.

But since I seem to be one of the few who knows what serigraphy is, I thought I’d share. Of course, I’m in good company with my minority knowledge of an apparently marginal art form. (Joined by Warhol, Haring,  Albers, West, Laddon, Blue,  Motherwell, Stella, Indiana, Pollock and Rauschenberg, among other artists.)

I have a detailed and illustrated definition of Serigraphy at this web page (click here).  But for those in a hurry, serigraphy is sometimes referred to as “screenprinting” or “silk screen”.

The above piece was commissioned by International Management Group for the San Francisco Marathon. I put a lot of time and effort into the concept, style, detail and the hand-pulled edition. And I was more than amply rewarded.  Serigraphy, in its current form, has only been around about 100 years, and is an art process that few ever master.

Interestingly, it is an art form used in many “third world” countries, because it can be an inexpensive and effective means of producing colourful posters in small quantities. (Of course, modern ink jet printers will probably replace this art form with inexpensive POD technology.)

Some more of my serigraphy and an explanation of the techinque can be found by clicking here. On that page there is also a link to the book “Best of American Serigraphy” which includes a chapter on my work. Enjoy!

Yes, I have an MFA…and I know how to use it, too.


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  1. Yofita Sandra Bony Says:

    For those who interesting in serigraphy, read alot this article..


    Me myself learn more and hopefully my studenst too.

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