The Missionary

Plein air abstract landscape painting by Phil DynanThe Missionary is an abstract plein air landscape, painted in California.

The farm fields that surround the Mission are rich and colourful. They represent life, fertility, sexuality and natural zest for life.

The fields tangent to the Mission are blackened or grey, as the missionaries set out to destroy the zest for life that indigenous people were born with. False doctrines, emphasis on control, power, rituals, and greed for riches are the tools of the missionary. They seek to instill religion as an addiction in the native population, for their own enrichment and control.

The Missionary fails to see the beauty of diversity and resents the natural sexuality of the population. They are repressed and seek to opress others with their thick, black evil doctrines.

Show me a person who shouts “I am a Christian!!” and 9 times out of 10 I will show you a hypocritical, thieving bastard who wants to subvert the true nature and good in mankind.

We have a lying, incompetent pope, who discriminates against women and defends pedophiles. We have local(Chico) “Christians” who recently beat one of their step children to death and put another in the hospital, all the while quoting the bible. We have the “greatest” and most powerful and most natural-resource-endowed country on Earth – calling itself a “Christian Nation” while invading, raping, killing and plundering the poorest countries on Earth.

Show me by example that you are Christian. But forget the fancy robes and “churches” that drip in gold and riches. Your robes only house the Great Serpent.

Well, that is just a little bit of what this painting stands for!


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4 Responses to “The Missionary”

  1. kseverny Says:

    i think its worked out really well

  2. Glenn Parton Says:

    This is my second look at this painting. Th first time I saw immediately the erotic symbols throughout, and I wondered about the mission, but it was not until I read your interpretation that I understood the real political message of this work of art. Now I go back to the painting and see that the message is already clearly there, embedied in the work of art itself, and I realize that it requires careful observation and artistic experience to fully grasp it.

  3. phildynan Says:

    And Joni Mitchell (the singer/painter) writes: “These bloodless brides of Christ … they wilt the grass they walk on.” (from Turbulent Indigo)

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