Blue Men Escaping

Phil Dynan paints inside a cat's mind¬†Painting and drawing daily whilst visting with the 20 or so cats that live near the studio has resulted in a series of paintings that explore “the inside of a cat’s mind”. Acrylic on handmade watercolour paper (made by a fellow in New Mexico).

I like to combine philosophy and politics with art. Some people like me to explain what it all means. The Truth is that most of my paintings and drawings are multi-level. They can be seen as a “pretty picture” or could be seen as having deep meanings rooted in Universal Truth. Really, it is up to the viewer. I like to think my work offers something for most people.

What do the Blue Men represent? They are seen in many of my works over the past few years. Something to do with Jean Paul Sartre maybe?¬† What am I saying here? Is my “consciousness” imbedded in my cat? Or is my cat’s consciousness embedded in my mind? Or am I just an artist with a cat? Think I’ll go ponder this and maybe swallow a great big fuckin’ existentialist aspirin while I’m at it. …or I could keep painting.


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One Response to “Blue Men Escaping”

  1. Mike McCarty Says:

    Hi Phil-

    I came across your posting on the web looking for information on Milo Marks- I was the CPA for Specialty Steel, and when Milo changed his job to controller, we worked together for several years “cooking the books”. I too have a fondness for Milo (I even quit working for Specialty Steel after his passing- I figured it would not be the same) Milo proudly displayed the artwork in his office you mentioned he purchased from you-

    I am in the process of buying a house in Colfax and started thinking back about Milo- He lived in Weimar for years and had just finished his new house when his cancer took over- It sounded like quite a pad and Milo was very proud of it- As you know, he never got to enjoy it- I was going to go take a look at it, but I can not find any trace of ownership- does his wife Patti live in the house or was it sold? I never met Patti but talked to her a few times when they were settling Milo’s estate. (I probably met her at his funeral but do not remember much about that day)

    I do not think Milo ever missed a day of running- sleet, snow or 100 degree temperature would not slow him down- He would probably go out running today in hurricane Irene if given the opportunity- He was quite a guy.

    Mike McCarty

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